In general, anyone who a) has a bicycle and b) commutes to work is eligible to participate.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. It is also not permitted to use inline skates or scooters to get around. But we and the environment always say “thank you” when an environmentally friendly means of transport is used!

Yes, of course! As a pedelec, i.e. with pedal-power-assisted operation, the health effect of cycling is still given. However, e-mopeds or similar are not eligible for participation.

All bicycle rides to and from the workplace (including business rides to and from the workplace) that start or end within a radius of 300 metres from the workplace.

These journeys are not taken into account in the Play & Bike to Work campaign. The condition for your ride to be included in the rating is that it starts or ends at your place of work.

No. Circumstances that do not allow cycling will not be taken into account. But as there is a ranking that starts every week, e.g. one week’s holiday has no influence on your place in the new weekly ranking.

No, I am not insured through the campaign.

No, that is not possible. Everyone has to choose one team.

Yes, the combination of commuting by public transport (train, bus, tram, etc.) is allowed. No, if it is a private car. Only the days on which the journey to work was completely cycled or a part of the journey combined with public transport, count. However, it is important that the commuting to work by bike ends and starts at the workplace.

On the website and in the app, the nickname, the team, the personal ‘Play & Bike to Work’ points, the team’s ‘Play & Bike to Work’ points and the workplace are publicly displayed. However, you do not have to enter your first name or surname in the registration process, so you remain anonymous. Unless you choose your full name as your nickname.

Yes, of course. However, if you cycle less, a little less team booster will be contributed for team points, but your team can make up for this.

Of course, as an employee of a participating employer.

If you leave the campaign, all points will be deleted. However, the contribution to the team points will remain, so the team points will not change due to your leaving. 

Yes, in the personal settings of the campaign, select the button “Leave campaign”. Just tap on the wheel symbol next to your nickname, there you will find your personal settings.

The workplace ranking and the company ranking only use the personal points for the calculation. To motivate the team to motivate each other, there are additional boosters which can increase the team points for the team ranking.

Every week the team points are recalculated, according to the motto: “New week, new luck”. But the total team points can be displayed in the “Total” tab. Just switch from the display “THIS WEEK” to the display “TOTAL” under the nickname.

Registration starts on Monday 31.8.2020. You will find further information on how to register on the campaign website at: