Condition of Participation Bike to Work Campaign


Participation is only possible in a team of at least one and at most five people. Participation in the challenge is free of charge for the participants. Under certain circumstances, fees may be charged to third parties due to the use of the required internet connection.

Raffle, objective of the challenge, prizes, rules of the game, selection criteria
Bike Citizens reserves the right to raffle prizes among the participants in the future. The aim is to achieve as many points as possible by traveling to work by bicycle or e-bike, thereby raising awareness of environmentally friendly mobility. Participants are not allowed to manipulate the results by using any means of transport other than bicycles or e-bikes or in any other way. Further information can be found here:

Exclusion of participants
Bike Citizens reserves the right to exclude individual participants or teams from the challenge or the prize draw if these conditions of participation are violated. In the event of exclusion, prizes may also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

Termination of participation by participants
Participants are entitled to terminate their participation in the challenge at any time by pressing the “Leave Campaign” button in the personal app settings of the campaign.