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All employees are eligible to participate.

No, unfortunately that is not possible. People who use inline skates, pedal scooters and scooters to get to/from the workplace are also not eligible. But we and the environment always say thank you when an environmentally friendly means of transport is used!

Yes, of course! With a pedelec, i.e. with pedal-assisted operation, the health effect of a bicycle is also given. However, e-mopeds or similar are not eligible.

All journeys to/from workplace including service journeys to/from workplace that start or end within 300 metres of workplace.

Download the Bike Citizens app and register. Join the campaign in the „PLAZA“ menu item, join or create a team and then record your bike rides with the app. Let’s go!

These rides will not be counted. For your ride to count, it must start or end at your workplace.

No. Circumstances that do not allow cycling will not be taken into account. But as there is a ranking that starts new every week, e.g. a week of sick leave has no influence on your place in the new weekly ranking.

No, there is no insurance through the campaign.

Yes, the combination with public transport (train, bus, tram, etc.) is possible, but the last few metres to/from the workplace have to be covered by bike and recorded with the app to be taken into account. No, if it is a private car.

On the website and in the app, the nickname, the team, the personal Bike2Work points and the Bike2Work team points as well as the workplace are publicly displayed. In the registration process, however, you do not have to enter your first or last name, so you remain anonymous. Unless you choose your full name as your nickname.

Yes, but only one location can be taken into account in the app and therefore only the cycling trips to/from this location count towards your points. Therefore, it is best to select the location to which you cycle more often. If you have chosen the wrong location by mistake, you can leave the campaign via the button „Leave campaign“ (under the settings next to your nickname) and rejoin and enter the correct location. BUT NOTE: Your points will be deleted when you leave the campaign, but your team contribution will remain.

You can either zoom to your workplace on the map and select your workplace. Alternatively, you can type in the first letters of the address of your workplace and you will receive matching suggestions. If you have any questions, please contact the Bike Citizens Helpdesk at info@bikecitizens.net .

No, you can’t do that. Everyone has to choose one team.

You will receive Bike2Work points per recorded ride: 10 points per ride, 5 points per 10 km and 5 points every week as a reward when your team is full. The kilometres can also be made up of several recorded rides. In addition, boosters can be used to increase the total number of points. The weekly boost multiplies the total points, as well as the points of the team members. So it pays to cycle to workplace regularly and record your rides with the Bike Citizens app. Of course, you get the most points if the whole team participates.

All journeys to and from the workplace that start or end within a radius of 300 metres from the workplace.

The current score or the team’s ranking can be tracked on the website https://bike2work.bikecitizens.net/bicycle-network/ and in the app.

The ranking only uses the individual personal points for the calculation. To motivate each other, there are additional boosters that can increase the team points for the team ranking.

The team points are recalculated every week. According to the principle: „New week, new luck“. However, the total team points can be displayed in the „Total“ tab. Simply switch from the display „THIS WEEK“ to the display „TOTAL“ under the nickname.

The activity indicator shows you when the user last looked at the campaign in the app or last uploaded a bike ride to the workplace.

You probably haven’t uploaded your ride yet. Depending on your app settings, the track will only be uploaded automatically when you are on Wi-Fi so as not to consume your mobile data volume unnecessarily.

The campaign does not provide for the workplace to be changed.

Then you have probably chosen the radius of the campaigns to be displayed in the Plaza too small: Select the slider icon at the top right of the „Plaza“ and set the radius a little more generous, then you will find the campaign.

Yes, select the button „Exit campaign“ in the personal settings of the campaign. Just tap on the number wheel symbol next to your nickname, that’s where you’ll find the personal settings.

If you leave the campaign, all points will be deleted. However, your contribution to the team points will remain, so your team points will not change as a result of your leaving.

If you rejoin after leaving the campaign, you will no longer have any personal points. The system records your joining as a new user. Only the contribution made to the team before leaving will remain in the total points of the team.

You can find your personal heatmap in the menu item „Me“. The more rides you record, the brighter it will be. All your recorded rides count towards the heatmap, not just those that count towards the campaign.

We comply with all legal requirements and handle all data with care. Here you can find the privacy policy for the campaign: https://bike2work.bikecitizens.net/bicycle-network/privacy-policy-for-the-campaign/

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